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The Master School F.lli Pesenti continues the publishing of the book "Studies and Researches" published annually since the early years of the activity of the Pesenti Foundation (1927). The volume has had a growing nationally and internationally recognition.

The School is committed to collecting scientific articles in the so-called "Yellow Pages" of the volume, including all the activities and the most significant moments that mark his life in each academic year.
In this volume it is possible to find qualitative and quantitative information the generations that studied in the Master Course, on the life of the school and its history , the most significant projects undertaken, on research topics on which the school operates, on projects and internships that were presented to students in the various editions.

In the path of the progressive opening at the international level of the School Master F.lli Pesenti , volume no. 26 "Studies and Researches" is an ISBN, a new Editorial Board, an international scientific committee and taken care by a new Publishing House, the Starry link, former curator of publications at international level. Based on these data , the Scientific Committee of the Department of Structural Engineering of Polytechnic of Milan has recognized "Studies and Research" as "internationally distributed Volume " (the print run is 2500 copies supported by Italcementi. It is also send to a directory of international university, Research Institutions, Scientific and Technological Associations, updated annually by the Editorial Board ).

The book falls into the category LE1 for healers ( Editors), and in the category RV1 for Authors.

A sincere thank you is due to the staff of Italcementi, which with understanding, patience and professionalism in helping us to achieve this important affirmation of "Studies and Researches", to Eng. Carlo Pesenti who personally dedicated attention and support to the international development of the School F.lli Pesenti, of which the volume is a messenger and witness, and the whole body of the Faculty of the Polytechnic of Milan who contribute with their prestige and consolidated experience, continuous development and review of the volume.



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