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Postgraduate Professional Degree Course/ Project management of civil structures and infrastructures (level II)

The curriculum offered by the Postgraduate Professional Degree Course aims to introduce students to the management in the real estate investments, construction, and infrastructure.

The investment management begins with a correct assessment. For this purpose be presented to the students an introduction to the philosophy of "value investing" together with an introduction to the most important concepts of accounting. In this way, students will have the fundamentals to evaluate an investment in the "micro" level. Attention will also be paid to the evaluation of investments in "macro" level. For this reason, students will discuss the key parameters that govern the performance of the markets. Cycles "secular " of expansion and contraction of the economy, as well as their sub-cycles, affecting all sectors of the market, but most of the real estate industry and the construction sector have always been strongly influenced by them.

After evaluation of the investment, will be presented to the students the stages of their development. For this reason, the basics of project management and management control will be illustrated and explained, entering into issues of a legal nature, both nationally and internationally located.

For further information: BANDO
Starts on: November 2014
Credits CFP: 30
Cost: 6500€ / 3500€ (online)



Prof.ssa Arch. Ing. Paola Ronca

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