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University postgraduate professional degree/ Design of reinforced concrete structures (level II)

The Postgraduate Professional Degree Course degree in "Design of Structures in CA " aims to train specialists in the design, verification, testing, operation and maintenance of reinforced concrete structures, according to the new rules and procedures in Europe. Special examples will take place on non-linear NTC nod, but with non-existent explanatory references.

The Postgraduate Professional Degree Course is divided essentially into two semesters: in the first one are given lectures, seminars and tutorials whichare held in the form of site visits and workshops , and the second semester is devoted to the Stage and to the work of the final exam thesis. The course will be held in Italian, with the presence of seminars/supplementary lessons in English..

The Postgraduate Professional Degree Course will begin in November 2013 and will end in October 2014. It includes a commitment of full-time or part-timedepending from the option chosen which is to follow some lessons delivered online.

For further information: BANDO
Starts on: November 2014
Credits CFP: 30
Cost: 6500€ / 3500€ (online)



Prof.ssa Arch. Ing. Paola Ronca

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Dott. ing. Marco Zucca

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