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Postgraduate Professional Degree Course / Sustainable buildings and infrastructures (level II)

The training is focused on issues related to the environmental impact of the construction of buildings and infrastructure, to a choice of technologies and solutions both in new buildings and infrastructure, which is also connected to the restoration of the existing housing and infrastructure. The Postgraduate Professional Degree Course studies the complete process related to construction activities, from the design of buildings with high energy efficiency, use of resources, the use of management systems for environmental impact assessment untilachieving energy certificates (CENED, LEED). A particular attention is placed on the requirements of eco-sustainability that every designer, at different scales must ensure the various stages of the project up to the work accomplished. Each project and realization from the single building to the urban-scale interventions should primarily evaluate the protection of the environmentand the sustainable development of the territory.

For further information: BANDO
Starts on: Novembre 2014
Credits CFP: 30
Cost: 6500€ / 3500€ (online)



Prof.ssa Arch. Ing. Paola Ronca

Tel: +39 02-2399.4396 | paola.ronca@polimi.it


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Info and registration

Dott. ing. Marco Zucca

Tel: +39 02‐2399.4341 | marco.zucca@polimi.it

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