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Professional courses / Professional specialization in acoustical aspects

The acoustic performance of buildings has become a fundamental design aspect and is required in new construction and renovations as soon as is required in manufacturing laboratories. The course is focused to train professionals specialized in acoustic aspects as required for the regional accreditation.

The course is in accordance with Annex B of the DDG ARPAV 52/2008. The course provides training both on regalements and theoric aspects, as well as practical applications using software for acoustic analysis. The acoustics application are both in enclosed spaces, and environmental in open spaces. During the course, students learn the use of specific tools for the assessment of environmental noise impact. During the course will be treated emblematic cases of acoustic systems and vibration that will complete the scope of application.

Bases in acoustic aspects

Indoor acoustics aspects in buildings

Environmental acoustics aspects, definition and calculation of algorithms

Acoustics aspects in mechanical installation and vibration



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